Session Limits

Also known as clone limits, session limits regulate how many clients can be connected to the network from a single IP address, whether that be IPv4 or IPv6. By default on Techtronix, any connecting client will be subject to the default limit, which is 5 clients per IP address.


If you run a BNC (bouncer) service (or something in that area) and wish to apply for heightened session limits, please contact network staff on IRC or by sending us an email. Be sure to include the following, or your application will not be considered:

  1. Name of your bouncer/service

  2. List of IPs and/or their ranges

  3. How high of an exception you wish to request

  4. Duration of this request (can be N/A)

  5. Justification/Explanation for why you wish to have a higher session limit

  6. Anything else you want to tell us

Please make sure that your BNC service has valid identd responses, as more than likely we will require you to answer identd requests with identifiable information for each individual user of your service. If you cannot do this for whatever reason, please explain in your application form. Failure to do so will likely have your application rejected.

If you're an owner of a BNC or related service and wish to check on your current session agreement with us, feel free to reach out to us on IRC or send a message to the mods. Please provide relevant info such as your service name and associated IP address in your request so we can find it faster in our IRCd configurations.

Web clients

If you run a web client, take a look at this.