BotServ is an IRC service that allows you to place a services bot in a channel. BotServ bots not only function as ChanServ inside the channel but allow the use of fantasy commands and additional kickers.

Fantasy commands allow for an easier, but more public, way of changing channel settings and changing aspects of the channel. To give you a more "visual" way of how fantasy commands can save time, look at how I can set mlocks (mode locks) on a channel by using ChanServ and then using a BotServ services bot in the target channel:

ChanServ: /msg ChanServ mode #channel lock add +ntr

BotServ: (in #channel): !mode lock add +ntr

All help for fantasy commands can be accessed by typing "!help"

Available BotServ bots can be seen by typing /msg BotServ botlist. To assign a bot to a channel, type /msg BotServ assign #channel botnick.