Below is a table of all servers, active and discontinued on the Techtronix network. Every IRC network seems to have its own thing when it comes to giving servers names -- for Techtronix, ours is video games. Every server has a name that relates to a certain video game in some type of fashion. So far, these are Techman's favorite video games.

If sponsor information is set to -, that means the server is being paid for (out of pocket) by the maintainer using their own money, or money available from Techtronix if there are donated funds available.

We know that this server list isn't very large. We rely on contributions from end users and sponsors that make spinning other servers possible. There used to be a server for Europe, but this is no longer the case after a sponsor decided to terminate a sponsorship in a very hostile matter. 

Discontinued servers can always be reinstated at a future date.