User Guide

Welcome to Techtronix! We hope you enjoy your stay. This guide exists to help you, the (new) user, get started on Techtronix. This page is comprehensive and should cover just about everything you want to know. If you think something is missing or not covered correctly, send us a message.


Connecting to the network is covered on the wiki index page. When connecting to the network, you'll see a lot of information show up in your client. A lot of this stuff you can generally ignore unless you're curious or have an issue. The only information you should pay attention to are messages from any of the network services (anything that has "Serv" at the end of its name, like NickServ), and the MOTD (explained below).

Joining a Channel

After connecting to the network, you'll want to join one of the many chat channels. Channels are like rooms. Channels are sometimes referred to as chatrooms. The MOTD (Message(s) Of The Day) has some channels listed on it usually, but if not, you can always join the network lounge by typing /join #Lounge.

Channels themselves have a lot of information associated with them. When you join a channel your client is sent information about it, from the network. Stuff like the channel topic is usually shown near the top of your client, and generally, contains info about what is being discussed. Everything else sent to you about a channel can generally be ignored if you're new here.

Listing Channels

You can also ask the network for a list of channels by typing /list anywhere in your client. The server will respond back with a list of channels. However, you can't use /list until you've been on the network for over a minute. This is to stop malicious bots and other kinds of abuse.

Registering Your Nickname

Ah, so you've been here for a little while and like the place. That's awesome -- now let's talk about registering your nickname (nick) on the network. Registering prevents other users from using your nick without first identifying. Registering your nick also increases the amount of network features available to you, as well as enables you to register channels. Registering channels is covered in its own guide.

To register, type this command: /ns register yourpassword youremail, replacing the password and email with the correct info provided by you. If your registration is rejected by the network, it's probably because your password wAnt long enough or your email was deemed to have come from a disposable email service, which is generally not acceptable on the network due to abuse and the undermining of network features. An example of this is the email feature from MemoServ.

Automatically Joining Channels

Techtronix offers something called server-side auto-join, which is basically what it sounds like. When you identify your nick, the network will join you to all of your channels added to that list. We recommend you use this because it is server-side, meaning that you don't have to worry about joining channels if you ever switch clients or the like. The list is tied to your account.

Information on this can be found by typing /ns help ajoin. NickServ will respond back with info on how to add and remove channels from that just, as well as how to display the list of channels that you have added.

NickServ Profile Information

If you type /ns help set, you will be shown a list of things that you can set for your NickServ account. These (mostly social media) settings are shown to users when they type /ns info yournick, replacing yournick with an actually registered nickname. Here is an example of how to set a Reddit account: /ns set reddit

New profile options are being added all the time; if you want to request something to be added, send us a message! Adding new options is generally easy for network staff to do, anyway.

vHosts (Vanity Hostnames)

When you registered on the network you might have seen something that closely resembles this: user/yournick :is now your displayed host. This is because when you register on the network, you are given a free user vHost by HostServ. You can request your own custom vHost by typing /hs request hosthere, replacing hosthere with whatever you want. Refer to the terms of service for specific requirements and other details.


MemoServ is a way to send private messages to individual users, or channels if you want to send a message to channel staff. Information about this service can be seen by typing /ms help. By default, a copy of messages you send to users is also sent to their email addresses that are on file with network services. Their email addresses are also hidden by default from other users.

Registering Channels

Check out the channel guide.