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Connecting to Techtronix

Conventional Clients



  • 6697 SSL/TLS enabled

Note: We do not support plain text (port 6667) connections, as of January 1, 2017. Please use an IRC bouncer or route your connection through software such as stunnel if your client/bot cannot connect securely. There are no exceptions.

Web Clients

We support the following clients:

  • IRCCloud - Although this is not a traditional "web" client, it is an excellent integrated desktop and mobile solution that can optionally keep you connected even when you are offline, if you chose to support them. This is a solution for individuals. This is cannot be embedded into websites as a chat widget.

  • KiwiIRC - An excellent web client built from scratch with first-class mobile support. Can be embedded into websites as a chat widget.

  • Mibbit - A web client that has stood the test of time. The free version is supported by advertisements, but a paid version is available when creating custom chat widgets.

Getting Started

Visit the pages linked under the "Getting Started" drop-down.

Communities List

Visit the communities page for a list of channels on Techtronix.