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Connecting to Techtronix

Conventional clients


Ports: 6697 SSL/TLS enabled

Note: We do not support plain text (port 6667) connections, as of January 1, 2017. If you somehow still need plain text functionality (as opposed to piping your connection through a ZNC instance or stunnel), you can contact us for an exemption.

Web clients

We support the following clients:

  • KiwiIRC - This is our recommendation for users who want a fantastic web-based chat experience that is built from the ground-up to support mobile devices.
  • Mibbit - This is an alternative web-based chat client, use this when KiwiIRC is down/under maintenance or if your network may have it blocked.
  • Your client here? If you are a developer and wish to have your own WebIRC-compatible client work on Techtronix, you can view the WEBIRC page for more information.

Getting Started

Visit the pages linked under the "Getting Started" drop-down.

Communities List

Visit the communities page for a list of channels on Techtronix.