Flag Templates

Here on Techtronix, we use a customized version of Anope IRC services. Anope doesn't have a built-in flag template system similar to what's in Atheme, so this wiki page is here to guide you on what flags you need to assign users to get the similar "XOP" functionality. This page could be used on other Anope networks, but it was made for Techtronix specifically. This page is now the direct source for /helpop flagtemplates

Flag Templates

-- This helpop entry is only for ChanServ flags used on Techtronix --

The following are some XOP flag templates you can use if you want to use the FLAGS access system here on Techtronix. We do not recommend that you try this on any other network

Note that you have to manually type the flags. You can't type something like !flags modify Techman AOP and expect the flags correctly. You must instead type !flags modify Techman +BGHNOVbcfghikouv.

If this system sounds complicated to you (and to some, it is), Techtronix staff suggest that you use the normal XOP commands or the levels (Anope ACCESS) system. Help for those can be queried by typing:

/msg ChanServ HELP ACCESS

/msg ChanServ HELP <XOP type, see the 3 letter listings in the table>