Infobot is a multipurpose, multimedia bot on Techtronix. Infobot is able to do, in short, a lot of things. Here are some of the things the bot can do. This is by no means an entire list of its capabilities. Infobot is powered by Cloudbot.


To get Infobot in your channel, follow these steps:

1. /invite Infobot to your channel. You can use /cs invite #yourchan Infobot if you want to use services instead.

2. When the bot joins, you're done! If you want the bot to keep joining your channel after restarts etc, then contact Techman or another network staffer.


Here are some of the things Infobot can do:

  • Parse Spotify URIs and links

  • Parse Twitch links

  • Parse Reddit links

  • Display the status of Minecraft servers & services

  • Look up songs & artists on Spotify

  • Display songs from rdio

  • Serve a potato dish to a user

  • Serve cake to a user

  • 8ball questions

  • Display weather

  • Do various Team Fortress 2 activities

  • Convert & decode base64

  • Flirt with users

  • Play FML entries

  • ...and much more!

To get the full help on what Infobot can do, you can type @help in a channel that Infobot is in, or /msg Infobot help. To get help with a specific command, type @help commandhere or /msg Infobot help commandhere.