Techtronix allows third-party web-based clients to send client IP addresses to our servers in place of the network using the web client's own IP address. Techtronix only has agreements with select "web client" providers but has opened up the ability to have extra partnerships added in, by the use of an application form.


If you wish to apply for WEBIRC use on the network, you need to send us the following information:

  1. Name of service

  2. Relevant URLs and IP addresses

  3. Type of method (WEBIRC is the most common) - CGI:IRC is still supported as a legacy option but it is highly discouraged

  4. Explanation

  5. Duration of agreement (can be N/A)

  6. Anything else you want to tell us

Make sure you satisfy the requirements above; otherwise, your application will be ignored. If we decide to accept your application, we'll send you a 30-character random string to use as the password on your end of the configuration.