So, you want to donate to Techtronix? You can send a donation to Techman, which is in charge of running the servers on the network. All donated funds are used for the benefit of Techtronix and its related assets.

How to Donate


Of course, donations have to come with a couple of benefits, right? Especially since the effort required to give perks to users for donations is rather trivial. Here are some benefits that donors get for donating to Techtronix:

1) Donors get a special donor vhost

2) Donors get to have their names listed on the donors page

3) Donors get to have their own personal wiki page (../wiki/about/donor/$account) This benefit is currently on-hold, as Google Sites does not currently support granular access to pages.

With all of this being said, donations are not a requirement to enjoy the benefits of Techtronix. Donors still have to follow all of the same rules that everyone else has to follow, and they won't get "special treatment" for any problems they might cause.