Easter Eggs

New to Techtronix, or haven't been paying attention for a while? Well, Techtronix actually includes a small handful of Easter eggs to quench your thirst for random entertainment. This list is mostly in chronological order, but may not be.

/rq, /ragequit

Are you angry? Are you upset? Well, you can officially end your IRC misery by rage quitting with an appropriate message. Type /rq to get started.


This is something that was introduced with bs_fantasy_ext from Anope 1.8, and I made it work similarly when the network switched to Anope 2.

Do you think OperServ can fly?


The sexdice.tcl script for Eggdrop was originally written by TechJoose, but I ported it to Anope 2 as an exercise in learning C++ vectors. Type !sexdice on a channel where you have the ability to use fantasy commands and enjoy the fun.


This command is similar to !killme, but instead it will temporarily place a G-line for 10 seconds on the affected host. It does not work on special exempted connections like IRCCloud.


This command is identical to !glineme, but places a Z-line for 10 seconds instead.