Terms of Service

Techtronix is a full-feature chat network designed in mind for tech enthusiasts and gamers. It is generally open to everyone, but there are rules to keep the network in order. If you do not agree with these terms, disconnect and do not reconnect! Your continued presence on the network will be treated as an acceptance of these terms, as well as the privacy policy.

These terms can change at any time, and for any reason. Ignorance of the terms is not a valid excuse.

Network Usage

  1. Use of Techtronix is a privilege, not a right. Staff reserve the right to take this privilege away from you at any time.

  2. Evading a network ban will only result in more, wider bans of a longer duration being set. There are no exceptions, and continued evasions will result in abuse reports being submitted to your ISP.

  3. Five (5) connections per IP address are allowed. If you run a bouncer service or otherwise would like to request an increase, visit this page.

  4. General bots are permitted, but bots that relay content across IRC networks or other chat mediums (i.e. Discord, Telegram) require special approval. Techtronix already makes use of an official relay service for sharing/linking IRC channels.

  5. Bots should have their own user accounts on the network. Do not use a single account to represent both a user and a bot.

  6. Flooding the network and its channels with bots is prohibited and will be reported to blacklists.

  7. Distribution of copyrighted material, "warez", etc. is strictly forbidden. Violators will be warned, and then permanently banned after repeated offenses.

  8. Techtronix employs a spam filter to keep spam from being sent across the network. Intentionally evading the spam filter can result in a network ban.

  9. Dragging channel or network drama into an unsuspecting channel will result in a quarantine/shun or network ban.

Channel Usage

  1. Evading channel bans will result in a minimum 1-day ban from the network

  2. As the owner of a channel, you are free to decide its rules and regulations. We generally don't interfere with these, nor the users on the channel, except in situations that are network-wide, such as network bans.

Services Usage

  1. Intentionally tricking users to hand over founder status of a channel to someone else is prohibited, and will be reversed.

  2. No excessive vHost requests. Those deemed to be making excessive requests will have their ability to request vHosts revoked.

  3. vHost requests that are in the form of a valid domain name require proof of ownership or will be rejected.

  4. Using a vHost to evade a channel restriction (ban, quiet/mute, etc) will result in your account having its vHost reset to the default, and banned from making vHost requests in the future.

  5. Please do not use the vHost request feature as a place to spam your IRC network. We are not your billboard to promote it, however unintentional this may be.

  6. Nick and channel registrations are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Interactions With Staff

  1. Techtronix staff are not slaves but are instead volunteers. There are no rights to demand anything of us, and in turn, Techtronix staff has no obligation to comply.

  2. Requests to become a staff member will be ignored, no exceptions. Staff recruitment operates off of applications and referrals only.

  3. Techtronix staff will not interfere with legitimately registered and operated channels. This includes:

    • Kicking people from the channel.

    • Good faith transferring of channel foundership to someone else.

    • Changing topics, the access list, etc.

    • Setting and unsetting of modes.


  1. No public logging of any channel unless permitted by the channel founder. If a logging policy is not specified, assume that public logging is not allowed.

  2. Keep private message logs private. No drama is needed.

  3. Unauthorized log bots will be banned from the network.

  4. Techtronix keeps logs of user connections and some user actions, such as account registrations. Refer to the privacy policy for more specific information on this.


Public release of a user's personal information without their consent will result in a permanent ban, with no exceptions.

AFK Nicks

Due to the (very accessible) use of /away, away-like nicks are Q-lined on the network. We won't ban you if you find out a way to use an afk nick, although we'll add that nick mask to our Q-Line list :). For more information, please read this.

Necessary and Proper Clause

Network staff reserve the right to perform actions that aren't necessarily outlined in these terms, for the betterment of the network.