DNS Blacklists

If you have been sent to this page because of a ban on the network, follow the information link before contacting network staff. In many cases, blacklisted IP addresses can be removed easily, although you may still appear banned on the network (see below).

Upon connection to Techtronix, your IP address will be checked against various DNS Blacklists (DNSBLs). IPs found in these blacklists are automatically banned from the network for 24 hours, except for Tor-specific blacklists which are banned for 30 days. These blacklists help keep Techtronix free of botnets and other unwanted connections.

Appealing to Techtronix Directly

If you are listed in a DNSBL that refuses to remove your IP address, visit the ban appeals page, follow the instructions, and include the explanation from the DNSBL provider on why your IP address will not be removed. IP addresses can be individually and group-exempted.