Also known as Global to most IRC networks, Announcer is the preferred method for Techtronix staff to instantaneously send a message to all users on the network. Announcements sent via the Announcer bot will always come from the nick Announcer.

Announcer does not handle the info messages sent to all users when they connect to the network. They are handled by InfoServ, rather.

Announcements vs WALLOPS

Announcements mostly related to the operation of the network are usually delivered via the Announcer service. Less urgent messages are typically sent via /WALLOPS (which appear from the staff member who sent it) and can be opted-out by unsetting user mode w. Refer to the user modes documentation for what user modes are available/used on Techtronix.

The judgment of whether something is "important" or not is up to network staff, and either announcement service can be used. However, be sure to not /ignore the Announcer bot in case of network emergencies. Network staff rely on these services to reach all users, and will not go out of their way to deal with people who ignore these services otherwise.