HostServ is an IRC service that operates both user and operator vanity hosts, or vHosts. This also includes bots on Techtronix, both network-operated and user-operated.

Requesting a Custom vHost

When registering on Techtronix, a "default" vanity host is assigned to you based on your account name, in the format user/account_name. However, a custom vHost can be requested.

vHosts for user-operated bots are in the form of user/account_name/bot/bot_account_name unless negotiated differently by a staff member. Otherwise, no exceptions.


  1. Hostnames that are a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN). They must be verified by a DNS record before being set.

  2. Only one (1) request per month

  3. vHosts must not be used to evade channel bans. Not only will this lead to your vhost being locked back to the default setting, but it will also result in network action as well, as described in the terms of service.

Verification for FQDNs

As stated previously, this must be set via DNS TXT (text) record. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Create a text record located at the root (@) of the domain, or on the subdomain that you wish to verify.

  2. Join #help and alert network staff. This process may take a few hours.

  3. Once the record can be verified, a vhost under your FQDN will be set.

HostServ automatically activates your vHost when you identify to your nick (basically, log into it). HostServ is one of the lesser used IRC services but does serve a purpose nevertheless.

All help for HostServ can be accessed by typing /msg HostServ help.