Ban Appeals

Network Bans

Network bans are placed by either Techtronix staff or one of the Techtronix services that routinely moderate connections on the network. Network bans are handled by submitting a support ticket, available here. Be sure to include the following information in the description (copy and paste is the easiest):

  1. Your nickname (account name also if applicable)

  2. The ID number of the ban (Example: ID: 6D7WVAJO2Y) -OR- the IP address if one is not provided

  3. The approximate time the ban was placed

  4. Your reasoning to be unbanned

  5. Any additional information you would like to include

If your ban appeal does not look like something referenced above, it will be ignored! Make sure you have set the ticket to be classified as Ban Appeal, or it will be rejected.

Channel Bans

Channel bans placed by Techtronix-owned channels can be disputed by bringing the issue to #help in a respectful manner! Failure to show respect when asking for a ban appeal will likely have the ban appeal ignored. You cannot appeal bans for independent channels using #help.

It is important to remember that no matter the result of ban appeals, the Techtronix Terms of Service are still in effect. Retaliatory practices against the network for the unfavorable ruling of a ban appeal will result in a permanent ban from the network.