Techtronix offers a full-feature webchat experience, powered by KiwiIRC. It's compatible with desktop and mobile devices, and can be embedded easily onto other websites for a chat page, etc.

The basic link for the webchat: https://kiwiirc.com/client?settings=f94a880c1ab027d5d158a9fd3053533b


If you plan on deploying a slightly modified version of the Techtronix webchat, there are a few parameters you can add to the URL in order to customize it to your needs. Note that the ?settings=f94a880c1ab027d5d158a9fd3053533b part of the URL needs to remain, as this instructs KiwiIRC that you want to use the Techtronix version of the client.

Base URL



  • <NICKNAME> with a nickname template. For example, if you run a channel called #lounge and you wanted your default nickname to be "lounger", you would replace <NICKNAME> with lounger. Note: it is highly recommended that you add random numbers to the end of this nickname so that users don't run into "nickname already in use" errors when connecting, so place a ? at the end of lounger, making lounger?. An example nickname from this output would be lounger12345.
  • <CHANNEL> with a valid channel name. If your channel is #lounge, you would replace <CHANNEL> with #lounge.

If you don't wish to specify a nickname pattern at all, the following URL also works:



Using the information above, the resulting URL would look like this:


If you used the second method without specifying a nickname pattern, the resulting URL would look like this:


Need help?

Don't hesitate to contact network staff. We currently do not offer a generator for a Techtronix widget, but this information should be sufficient for any user with a moderate knowledge of building & running websites.